Modernizing your SAXS equipment ?

New source? Detector ? New functionality?


For most laboratories the opportunity to invest in a large and costly instrument like a SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS system does not come around very often. At best … for most…once a decade. And while most systems installed in the mid zeroes are showing serious signs of aging the opportunity to purchase a completely new system may not come around for several years.

GaneshaXRRSAXSLAB offers the Retro-F for exactly this situation.  Rather than being one product with a list of options, the Retro-F is a special program through which we modernize your existing SAXS instrument. We tailor each Retro-F instrument to meet your research needs and satisfy your modern instrument expectations while working within your available budget.

Historically, SAXSLAB has always been ready to integrate the customer’s existing functional hardware into the latest available equipment. This approach served to get the most out of limited budgets, in turn generating happy customers. As we look at the future of SAXS and our wish to disseminate the significant recent advances we have made in instrumentation,  we want highlight this additional avenue.

With the creation of the Retro-F program, we are formalizing our commitment to modernizing your equipment as a viable route to the latest technological advances in our field.

Recommended items

Every Retro-F program is unique and is customized based on the amount of funds available. SAXSLAB recommends including the following items in the upgrade to maximize the utility of the investment:

  • Exchange or upgrade X-ray generators with new micro-focus sources
  • Replace existing wire gas detector or image plate with a new hybrid pixel detector from Dectris (requires removal of all oil pumps)
  • Upgrade static sample-to-detector beam-path with an in-vacuum continuously variable detector distance (as featured in the Mat:Nordic).
  • Install a new control system (computer and motor controller) to benefit from SAXSLAB’s routines for system alignment, instrument control, experiment planning, experiment execution, data-display, and data-reduction
  • Replace the last slit (with a motorized version) allowing easy change of resolution as well as GISAXS-optimized slit configurations
  • Replace the first slit for complete control of beam-size and resolution
  • Incorporate an on-axis camera
  • Incorporate automated venting and evacuation of the system

Retro-F approaching the Mat:Nordic

When a customer includes the full list above in their Retro-F program, the specifications of the upgraded instrument begin to rival the Mat:Nordic workhorse system, and that is exactly the point of these programs. We help you get the most out of what you have, so that you can benefit from the latest developments in the field of SAXS instrumentation without purchasing a whole new instrument.