Data Quality

Data quality is the most important attribute of a SAXS instrument.  And quality output requires quality inputs including:

  • high beam-intensity
  • appropriate instrument resolution and
  • extremely low background

That is why SAXSLAB designed the Bio-Nordic to provide the industry’s lowest background scattering and a fully optimized photon count on your sample.

Beam intensity

To ensure the highest possible beam intensity, the Bio-Nordic can be configured with a variety of brilliant micro-focus x-ray sources. Whether a micro-focus sealed tube, a rotating anode or a MetalJet, the combination of source, optics and beam collimation is chosen with the maximum flux and spectral purity in mind.

Choosing the best resolution

The Bio-Nordic Flex allows you to move the detector inside vacuum to automatically adjust intensity, q-range and resolution. This enables the user to determine their optimal trade-off between flux and resolution. For example, the flux available to obtain data at 0.5 Å-1 is typically 100 times higher than that required to obtain data at 0.01Å-1. Getting it right the first time, saves time and maximizes the sample and user throughput on the instrument.

Minimum background

The Bio-Nordic operates fully in vacuum, from source to detector. This setup provides the lowest possible background noise due to its inherent shielding from cosmic radiation and more importantly because the entire sample and detector environment are in vacuum. This truly unique design feature of the Bio-Nordic allows for the absolute lowest background of any available SAXS systems.

A powerful combination

This attention to data-quality, combined with the high level of automation and user-friendly software makes the Bio-Nordic the ideal instrument for demanding bio-science applications.