Ease of Use

Doing something advanced does not have to be difficult. Think of any number of tasks you perform any given day from washing your dishes in the dish-washer, to skyping with someone on the other side of the world. Advanced…yes…difficult no.

Well, SAXS instrumentation for materials science is advanced and complicated, and has historically required very skilled operators and technicians… but really… with today’s technology it shouldn’t be.

So because SAXLSAB’s instrumentation is fully motorized, the intuitive GUI allows you to do really advanced stuff, with the click of a button….like….changing from a SAXS measurement to a WAXS measurement, moving to a new sample position, fine tuning your beam stop position and of course starting your measurement.

GICCmacroAnd the built-in experiment planning GUI, will allow you to “stack” several GUI clicks one after the other, so that you can easily build up any number of consecutive complex actions, executing them automatically, when you are ready.

And yes while data-reduction has historically been difficult and time-consuming, that is also now much easier since centering, q-calibration, beam-stop mask removal, and absolute intensity calculation is all taken care of, as the image loads into the image software.

Oh…and finally if you are the person maintaining the system, rest assured that tasks like the re-alignment of the system require only a single line entry on the command console.

Advanced yes….difficult no!