Who we are

A dedicated company with a passion: making SAXS work for you!


SAXSLAB is a niche company, providing modern-day advanced SAXS instrumentation to demanding researchers around the world.  SAXSLAB  was started in 2004 (named JJ X-Ray Systems) with a clear focus on SAXS and related scattering techniques. Throughout the years, the company has contributed strongly to the deployment of commercially available SAXS systems. SAXSLAB is exclusively dedicated to the SAXS community, continuously striving to develop and integrate the latest improvements in scattering techniques, instrument control, data-treatment and data-evaluation.

In recent years SAXSLAB has seen a significant expansion of its activities, and as a vital part of that expansion, SAXSLAB presently operates from 2 locations: Northern Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the US East Coast (Western Massachusetts)

The U.S. location, under management of SAXSLAB founder, Dr. Karsten Joensen, has since early 2014 been the main manufacturing location. In addition, the U.S location conducts both hardware and software R&D within the fields of materials science, USAXS, micro-fluidics and advanced scattering methodologies.

The Copenhagen location, under guidance of Dr. Søren Skou, conducts all sales, training, service and maintenance tasks for the European area. In addition, the Copenhagen location handles a considerable portion of the in-house electronics production, as well as SAXSLAB’s considerable Bio-science R&D effort.

As SAXS specialists, with a passion for science and research, we are continously encouraged by the increasing interest in SAXS and the scientific problems this unique technique is requested to address.  And we are more than proud to continue serve the growing community of researchers, who bring this advanced scattering technique to bear on the problems of the times.