Our Experts

Karsten Joensen, Ph.D, MBA, President of SAXSLAB U.S. Inc

  • Founder of SAXSLAB and creator of the first and only commercial SAXS system with a motorized moving detector
  • Main contributor to SAXSGUI: the open-source dedicated SAXS software
  • Builder of SAXS instrumentation since 1988
  • Leading the present expansion of SAXSLAB’s materials science product portfolio and the developments of the advanced measurement methodologies
  • Basketball and data-quality enthusiast

Søren Skou, Ph.D., Director of SAXSLAB DK

  • Creator of SAXSLAB’s Bio-Science product lines featuring advanced liquid handling, and a multi-modal sample analysis module
  • Author of  RAW; the acclaimed Bio-Science solution scattering software, used at several synchrotron facilities worldwide
  • Builder of SAXS instrumentation for solution scattering since 2008
  • Leading SAXSLABs robotics and advanced electronics developments
  • Motorcycle and electronics/robotics enthusiast.

Isja de Feijter, Ph.D., Head of Technical Sales Europe

  • Expert in scattering experiments and data processing
  • Responsible for sales and service in Europe
  • Materials science and physical chemistry specialist
  • Experienced in experimental design since 2010
  • Out-door sports and SAXS applications enthusiast.

Scott Barton, Ph.D., President Molmex Scientific Inc

  • Founder of the SAXS company, Molecular Metrology, sold to Rigaku Innovative Technologies in 2006.
  • Builder of X-ray instrumentation since 1985.
  • Creator of several SAXS product lines in the period from 2000-2009
  • Creator of SAXSLAB’s new Bonse-Hart product the TR-USAXS.
  • Heading up the US distribution of SAXSLABs products.
  • Vintage Automobile and instrumentation/hardware enthusiast.