So you want to do time-resolved nucleation studies, or Advanced Shearing studies or Liquid Surface SAXS, or in-line real-time investigations of polymer film manufacture or really any other number of specialized techniques. Well you’ve come to the right place.

At SAXSLAB we’ve grown up in x-ray labs and on synchrotron beam lines, where customization was an everyday game and new ideas were quickly turned into new experiments. With this background, we not only accept customization, we embrace it fully so that the user can reach their research goals.

So let’s just take a little look at some of these creations:


Bayreuth, Germany


This is the Bayreuth Ganesha where one side was dedicated to time-resolved nucleation studies, where special focus had been placed on optimizing the intensity on sample. This setup now also has a WAXS detector for simultaneous SAXS/WAXS.

FAU- Erlangen/Nuremberg, Germany

This is the FAU GANESHA system that has been designed also to allow Liquid Surface SAXS

UMASS, Amherst, USA

Under normal operation this system is a completely standard Ganesha system, but customization between the collimation section and the large vacuum chamber allows the measurement of real time manufactured polymer films

Bristol, UK

Bristol GANESHA system with possibility to insert a large shear cell down through the top.