SAXSLAB’s GANESHA is today’s top-of-the-line instrument when it comes to laboratory SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS instrumentation.

With full motorization, extensive automation, and a control interface that caters to all levels of expertise, the GANESHA allows researchers to concentrate on the experiment, while the computer handles the instrument.


Moving detector

The game-changing feature of the GANESHA is the uninhibited movement of the detector in 3 directions. In the direction of the beam, the detector moves unhindered a total of 1.4 m to allow Extreme SAXS in one instant and WAXS up to 2Θ=40° (q=2.8 Å-1) in the next. The transverse motions of the detector then additionally give the researcher the choice to work with the direct beam centered or off-center, allowing for scattering up to 2Θ=62° (q=4.2 Å-1).


Another important feature of the GANESHA is the large and versatile sample area that allows for the introduction of a wide range of sample environments within the existing chamber. Some examples include

  • Ambient work with up to 30 solid samples in a single run
  • Temperature work between -130 and 350°C on solids, gels and liquids
  • Solution scattering in refillable capillaries at temperatures from 4 to 80°C
  • GISAXS/GIWAXS on ambient or temperature controlled stages
  • DSC work on samples in transmission
  • Tensile stress work on fibers and solid samples
  • Shearing work on gel-like samples
  • Light-exposure work on light responsive materials
  • Magnetic work with both small and large magnets
  • Time-resolved Micro-fluidics


The GANESHA platform provides ample opportunity for customization. Instruments have been configured to provide many options including:

  • Samples primarily located in air
  • Second detector for true simultaneous SAXS and WAXS
  • Two alternating sample locations…one inside the large body, one outside, for easier user access to messy or fabrication-process experiments
  • Large ports on top of the sample area to allow customer provided shearing stages and other advanced processing equipment
  • Large ports above and below sample area to allow the instrument to be used for passing real-time produced samples through the sample area.
  • Tilt-able collimation section to allow liquid surface SAXS
  • Many different X-ray sources to fit the researcher’s flux need and budget.

GaneshaSoftwareData-quality, absolute intensity

And finally the two things that set all SAXSLAB’s instruments apart

  1. Data quality of the GANESHA is the best there is, due to the minimal number of windows in the X-ray path, the shielding of cosmic radiation, our proprietary cosmic background rejection routines, and the option to work in DirectBeam-mode
  2. Data is naturally reported in Absolute Intensity Units, without relying on primary or secondary calibration standards, all of which of course happens in near real time.

The best multi-purpose system available

All of these factors combine to make SAXSLAB’s GANESHA an instrument with unprecedented functionality, versatility, and customization in today’s advanced multipurpose lab. With the GANESHA, you can perform a vast array of complete measurements with remarkable ease, efficiency, and productivity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussions or demonstrations of how the GANESHA may help bring your research forward.