How To

How to quickly get started

Loading samples and taking exposures on the Bio-Nordic is easy using the accompanying software.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Load your samples in a 96 well tray
  2. Select the wells you would like to have the instrument run and add them to the schedule
  3. Adjust the exposure time, temperature or instrument configuration as needed.
  4. Click the “play” button to have the instrument start loading and exposing samples

If you would like to use one of your saved schedule templates, then running samples is as easy as:

  1. Load your samples in a 96 well tray
  2. Load the desired template
  3. Click the “play” button

Using templates helps you work faster. Scheduling a similar series of measurements that you did a month earlier can now be done in no time, and you can be sure that the parameters you used last time are EXACTLY the same.