Work fast, work smart!

Full automation not only makes your life easier when using the instrument, it also makes you work faster, smarter and safer. Changing instrument configuration should never require you to pick up a wrench or test your assembly and disassembly skills. By having everything adjustable from a simple graphical user interface, you can spend your time doing actual work instead of searching for tools or handling sensitive parts of the instrument.

The Bio-Nordic is designed to require as little physical presence at the instrument as possible. Run your samples at different instrument configurations from your office, rather than sitting next to the instrument, in what is often a noisy lab. You have the option to control the instrument from anywhere in the world and most operations can be done with very few clicks of the mouse.


Automated features include:

  • A pipetting robot for automated loading and manipulation of samples
  • Automated sample cell alignment
  • Automated sample positioning using computer vision
  • Automated collimation slit adjustments
  • Automated sample-detector changes (FLEX version)
  • Automated cell cleaning
  • Automated cell and sample plate temperature control