Dedicated or Add-On

The heart of the TR-USAXS is the motorized multi-bounce monochromator and analyzer crystals.

These can offered either in

  • Dedicated standalone USAXS system
  • Extended USAXS system with SAXS capabilities
  • Add-on to existing GANESHA systems

Here’s a litle guiance on what we can offer:


Dedicated USAXS

For users with an existing SAXS instrument, who want a stand-alone USAXS to compliment and extend the data range to low q, we offer a compact solution with the following:

  1. Sealed tube line source with collimating optic
  2. Stationary Monochromator, Sample and Analyzer  all contained in a single vacuum chamber
  3. NaI detector for collection. A filter box is incorporated at the incident beam before the monochromator to cut down the intensity, so that the detector doesn’t saturate

Extended USAXS

For users looking for a versatile USAXS that can extend the range to conventional SAXS, we offer a hybrid system with

  1. Bonse-Hart crytals that automatically move out of the beam
  2. Slit apertures closing in to define the beam in a line focus or point focus to continue SAXS collection
  3. imaging the scattering continuously at all angles on a linear or area detector

Ganesha Add-on

And finally for those fortunate to already own a Ganesha SAXS, the TR-USAXS Monochromator and Analyzer can be mounted inside the vacuum chamber, so that the existing source and Pilatus detector can be used.  The advantages are:

  1. The sample can be investigated by USAXS and SAXS under the same conditions
  2. Economy of purchase, since no additional source or detector are required.
  3. Lowest noise. The Pilatus area detector behaves as a virtual slit, with background orders of magnitude lower than a NaI detector