SAXSLAB started in 2004 as a spin-off from the Danish company JJ X-Ray, bringing with it a strong tradition for precision motion and automation that had been developed and fine-tuned since the early 90’s in the demanding field of synchrotron instrumentation.

In the period from 2004 to 2009, SAXSLAB provided SAXS instrumentation to European customers, as a strategic distributor for first Molecular Metrology and since then Rigaku Innovative Technologies.

In 2010, SAXSLAB launched its first own product line, the GANESHA, which immediately became the preferred high end instrument for advanced SAXS researchers in Europe. The instrument was the only commercially available system with full automation, auto alignment, movable detector, and non-standard calibration.

In 2013, SAXSLAB installed the first GANESHA system in the U.S, and brought on Dr. Søren Skou to head up developments for Solution Scattering and Robotics

In 2014, key manufacturing and R&D personnel were moved to the U.S. to commence U.S. manufacturing of the GANESHA, and a strategic partnership with U.S distributor Molmex Scientific, headed by Dr. Scott Barton was initiated.

The continued success of the GANESHA product line, has over the last years led to the significant expansion of the company, allowing SAXSLAB to increase the number of major product lines to 5, while at the same time introducing significant software and hardware innovations to the existing GANESHA product line.

It is our conviction that our continued dedication to innovation, ease-of-use and functionality will continue to be acknowledged by the SAXS community, so that we may continue to provide the community with the very best instrumentation it truly deserves.