Glassy Carbon, when calbirated by Jan Ilavsky at APS, is in our opinion the very best secondary standard that exists for absolute intensity calibration. But please be careful. All glassy carbon is not created GCequal, and plenty of variation exists between batches and even single sample plates. However, glassy carbon scatters strongly, seems stable over years and is easy to handle. So as long as you have the measured absolute intensity measured by a trusted supplier, you can comfortably use glassy carbon and trust the measurements to about 5  percent.
Of course with a GANESHA, a Bio-Nordic, a MAT-Nordic or a Retro-F…you won’t need to get this standard,,,because these instruments obtain absolute intensity by primary calibration.

For more information on calibration with glassy carbon do take a look at our technical note. For information on how we do primary calibration on our instruments do contact us.