From single crystal model catalysts to systematic studies of supported nanoparticles

Speder, Jozsef; Spanos, Ioannis; Zana, Alessandro; Kirkensgaard, Jacob JK; Mortensen, Kell; Altmann, Lena; Bäumer, Marcus; Arenz, Matthias
Surface Science, 2015

In the presented work we discuss our recent efforts to bridge the study of so-called model catalysts like well-defined single crystals and investigations of industrial catalysts, which are relatively ill-defined. Our work thereby concentrates on electrocatalytic processes that have relevance for low temperature fuel cells; mainly the oxygen reduction reaction and the stability of Pt based catalysts. Single crystal studies led to the development of many important concepts in this research field, but for example the stability of catalysts and mesoscopic effects like the particle proximity effect cannot be studied. Therefore we use a colloidal tool-box synthesis method, which allows systematic investigations on well-defined nano-structured, supported catalyst particles.


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KEYWORDS: Nanoparticles