Core-shell TiO2@C: towards alternative supports as replacement for high surface area carbon for PEMFC catalysts

Zana, Alessandro; Ruediger, Celine; Kunze-Liebhäeuser, Julia; Granozzi, Gaetano; Reeler, Nini EA; Vosch, Tom; Kirkensgaard, Jacob JK; Arenz, Matthias
Electrochimica Acta, 2014

In this work, corrosion resistant TiO2@C powder was tested as possible alternative to standard carbon black supports for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. We separately prepared a stock solution of well-defined Pt nanoparticles and different support materials, and thereafter supported the NPs on the respective supports. As result we obtained high Pt dispersion on TiO2@C supports comparable to conventional high surface area Pt/C catalysts. Accelerated stress tests were carried out in accordance with the Fuel Cell Commercialization Conference of Japan recommendations. The tests demonstrated improved corrosion resistance of Pt/TiO2@C (as compared to Pt/C) when probing start/stop or mixed load cycle and start/stop conditions, whereas similar stability was observed when probing load cycle conditions only.


KEYWORDS: Composites, Nanoparticles