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Chiroptical Activity in Silver Cholate Nanostructures Induced by the Formation of Nanoparticle Assemblies

Layani, Muriel E.; Ben Moshe, Assaf; Varenik, Maxim; Regev, Oren; Zhang, Hui; Govorov, Alexander O.; Markovich, Gil
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2013

We report on an interesting mechanism of inducing chiroptical response at plasmonic silver nanoparticles (NPs) through the formation of plasmonic hot spots in small metal-NP–chiral-surfactant assemblies. Circular dichroism (CD) was measured at …

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Self-assembly of designed coiled coil peptides studied by small-angle X-ray scattering and analytical ultracentrifugation

Malik, Leila; Nygaard, Jesper; Christensen, Niels J.; Streicher, Werner W.; Thulstrup, Peter W.; Arleth, Lise; Jensen, Knud J.
Journal of Peptide Science, 2013

α-Helical coiled coil structures, which are noncovalently associated heptad repeat peptide sequences, are ubiquitous in nature. Similar amphipathic repeat sequences have also been found in helix-containing proteins and have played a central …

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Tuning the aqueous self-assembly of multistimuli-responsive polyanionic peptide nanorods

von Gröning, Maximilian; de Feijter, Isja; Stuart, Marc CA; Voets, Ilja K.; Besenius, Pol
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2013

We report the pH and ionic strength triggered self-assembly of polyanionic dendritic peptideamphiphiles into well-defined nanorods in water; by establishing state diagrams we show how frustrated growth is used as a sensitive tool in order to manipulate and control …

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Pt based PEMFC catalysts prepared from colloidal particle suspensions – a toolbox for model studies

Speder, Jozsef; Altmann, Lena; Roefzaad, Melanie; Bäumer, Marcus; Kirkensgaard, Jacob J. K.; Mortensen, Kell; Arenz, Matthias
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013

A colloidal synthesis approach is presented that allows systematic studies of the properties of supported proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) catalysts. The applied synthesis route is based on the preparation of …

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Mechanically induced tilt in smectic-A elastomers

Kramer, Dominic; Finkelmann, Heino
Soft Matter, 2011

Recently it has been predicted that shear forces can unlock the director and the layer normal in smectic-A elastomers, leading to a smectic-C like tilt analogous to the electroclinic effect of chiral SA* phases. …

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Formation of liquid crystalline phases in aqueous suspensions of platelet-like tripalmitin nanoparticles

Schmiele, Martin; Gehrer, Simone; Westermann, Martin; Steiniger, Frank; Unruh, Tobias
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2014

Suspensions of platelet-like shaped tripalmitin nanocrystals stabilized by the pure lecithin DLPC and the lecithin blend S100, respectively, have been studied by small-angle x-ray scattering(SAXS) and optical observation of their birefringence at different tripalmitin …

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