Versatile SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS system

Ceres20EXT1_DSC228_web20_1__05Under the leadership of Dr. Ilja Voets, the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems at Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, purchased a GANESHAS 300XL system that was installed in the summer of 2012, into their newly renovated, impressive CERES building.

Productive system

After initial issues with the cooling water in the building were solved, the system became heavily used and extremely productive. It is applied in a wide variety of fields within the group but also in collaborations within the institute, other groups in the university and other universities. The flexibility of the system has allowed measuring many diverse samples, such as thin polymer films, supramolecular assemblies in solution as well as in bulk, proteins, and hydrogels in different configurations and at variable temperatures. This has led to over 20 publications in the first three years of operation alone! We at SAXSLAB are extremely happy to have provided instrumentation to such a prolific group.


In 2014, the system was upgraded to include the latest advances in the motion of the detector. The extra data-points this provides on the high end of the q-scale (WAXS) has been of great use for the polymer scientist among the users.