2013 saw the installation of one of the most unique SAXS instruments that we ever expect to make. Guided by the vision of Prof. Tobias Unruh, at FAU in Erlangen-Nueremberg, we provided a customized GANESHA SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS system in late 2013.

The system was provided with a brilliant micro-focus sealed tube source and a motorized fully movable Pilatus 300K. which are both standard for any GANESHA.


Customers sample chamber: In-situ studies of formation during drying

Customization 1

The first customization was that Prof. Unruh, wanted the system to measure samples in vacuum to obtain the best possible signal-to-noise ratio for most samples, but also had many applications that would never end up inside the in-vacuum sample area of the GANESHA, so we provided for 2 sample positions: one inside vacuum and one outside in air.

The  in-air sample position needed to accommodate both small and large sample environments and so a movable collimation section was constructed.

The in-vacuum sample position, which was to be used often, needed to be easily removable and re-installable, so we mounted all the hardware on a removable breadboard.


Customers sample environment: Stopped Flow

Customization 2

The second and much more involved customization was to allow for the measurement of Liquid SAXS. For this the source, optic and collimation needed to be tilted and moved  in a very accurate manner, so that any downward angle below 5 degrees could accurately be achieved.


Continuing Upgrades

In 2015, Prof. Unruh has upgraded the source with a Metaljet from Excillum, maintaining all the original functionality of the system we provided, but now benefitting from the significantly higher intensity of the Metaljet.