Bio-Nordic Flex

The Bio-Nordic and Bio-Nordic Flex are instruments specifically designed as solution sample workhorses. The Flex version offers more q-range flexibility with a motorized movement of the detector in vacuum. This ensure you will always get the quickest measurements and the best q-range to fit your sample.

Research, validation and quality controlBioNordicCloseup

When it comes to fingerprinting molecules in solution, there is no other non-intrusive technique that provides as much information as small angle scattering. The Bio Nordic bring high-throughput SAXS screening to your lab and enables you to not only develop new products more quickly, but also to monitor the composition and health of your solutions.

Intuitive software and unrivaled automation

The Bio Nordic brings state-of-the-art sample loading automation of the same type that is utilized at on modern synchrotrons. This makes taking measurements and loading even the smallest sample volumes an easy task that take almost no time. A fully featured pipetting robot handles the sample loading and makes sure that you can work efficiently and spend as little time as possible at the instrument and more time with your results.
A high-throughput SAXS instrument should not require an expert to operate or maintain. Using the very simple and intuitive graphical user interface, setting up a full series of measurements can be done by anyone in the lab.

The very best data quality

With the sample cell AND the detector fully in vacuum you can be sure that you will always get the best signal-to-noise ratio that you can possibly get from a laboratory SAXS instrument.

Feature overviewBio-Nordic_Static_image-01 (1)

  • Temperature controlled Flow-through cell with computer vision tracking
  • Up to 4 x 96 well tray temperature controlled sample plates.
  • Ability to use disposable pipette tips for loading.
  • Down to 5uL sample volume.
  • Fast loading and cleaning times.
  • Intuitive software.